This Orange-Blend Miniature won the 1998 Award Of Excellence Award from the American Rose Society. It is the 20th AOE winner for its' hybridizer, Ralph Moore.

Photo courtesy of Sequoia Nursery

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Last month I discussed the AARS award winners for 1998 and other new roses. Other rose hybridizers have released information about their new introductions. I will be discussing more new introductions. I will list the parentage of the rose because it can give you an idea of how the new rose will perform.

Besides the AARS awards the American Rose Society gives an ARS Award Of Excellence. This is the highest honor for a miniature rose to receive. The miniature roses go through two years of testing with the same criteria used to judge the roses for the AARS awards. This years' AOE winner is Playgold-TM. It is an orange blend with seven to eight petals and slightly larger than the average miniature. The outer edges of the petals show some red. The bush has small glossy foliage that has good disease resistance. It is a low growing plant that should make an excellent border plant. Playgold'sparentage is Playboy-R X Sequoia Gold-TM and was hybridized by Ralph Moore. Sequoia Nursery is introducing the rose. This is Mr. Moore's 20 ARS AOE award since 1975 when the award program first began.

Jacquie Williams, a red and white miniature, is a new introduction for 1998 from Sequoia Nursery.

Photo courtsey of Sequoia Nursery

Jacquie Williams is another miniature introduction from Sequoia Nursery. It is white with bright red edges. The bush is compact with glossy foliage and covers itself with blooms. Its' parentage is (Yellow Jewel X Tamago) seedling X Strawberry Ice.

Absolutely-TM is a cream-yellow/pale pink blend miniature. The buds a re urned shaped and flowers singly and in clusters on a plant that grows to 24 inches. The parentage is seedling X Rise 'n' Shine The hybridizer is Saville and Nor'East Miniature Roses, Inc is introducing it.

Bambino-TM is another introduction from Nor'East. It is a vibrant orange micro-mini. The blooms are very small on an extremely vigorous plant that is always in bloom. Parentage is Sequoia Gold X Sparks.

Jean Kenneally is a past AOE winner

Photo courtsey of Baldo Villegas

Jerry-O-TM is a very fragrant medium red miniature introduced br Nor'East. The bush ia a good repeat bloomer with dark glossy foliage. Parentage is June Laver X Sachet.

Pacific Serenade-TM is a bright yellow miniature with glossy dark green foliage. The plant is very disease resistant and should make an outstanding garden rose. Parentage is Cal Poly X New Zealand.

Hybridizer Dennis Bridges of Bridges Roses is introducing two new miniatures for 1998. They areCosmic and Forever Young. Cosmic is an orange blend with a yellow reverse that has high centered exhibition blooms. The plant has dark green disease resistant foliage. The parentage is Suzy X unnamed seedling.

Forever Young is a pink and white blend miniature. The bush is very conpact with glossy foliage and should make an excellent border plant. The blooms are small and the pink intensifies with the sun. The parentage is Trickster X select pollen.

Kristen is a past AOE winner

Photo courtsey of Baldo Villegas

Bridges Roses is also introducing Miss Flippins. It is a medium red miniature hybridized by Robbie Tucker. The bright red blooms have exhibition form. The plant has glossy dark foliage and is a tall grower. Parentage is Elizabeth Taylor X Kristin.

Tiny Petals is introducing two of Dee Bennett's miniature roses. High Cloud is a russet blend with a unique range of colors in the tan shades with some blush of lavender on the outer petals. The plant is tall and bushy and the blooms have a fruity frangrance. Parentage is Lagerfeld X Ernie.

Leslie is a medium pink miniature that produces lots of sprays of hybrid tea blooms. The plant is a vigorous tall and bushy grower that makes a beautiful garden bush. Parentage is Deep Purple X Jean Kenneally.

Michael Williams of The Mini Rose Garden has three new miniature introductions. Lasting Impression is a light pink blend with high center blooms. They have darker pink edges and are usually one to a stem. The parentage is seedling X selected pollen.

Loving Touch is a past AOE winner

Lemon Pearl is a light yellow miniature with very double blooms. It is a hardy plant with medium green foliage. Parentage is seedling X selected pollen.

Odessa is a lavender miniature with good bloom form that lightens as the bloom opens. The plant is a vigorous grower with dark foliage. Parentage is Jean Kenneally X selected pollen.

Justice Miniature Roses is introducing two miniature roses hybridized by Sean McCann.True Vintage is a medium red to fuschia. The plant has excellent disease resistance. The blooms open quickly to show off the prominent yellow stamens. Parentage is Stolen Moment X Rose Gilardi.

Velvet Cloak is a dark velvet textured red with prominent yellow stamens. The plant has dense foliage and has excellent disease resistance and repeats bloom quickly. The parentage is Lady in Red X Ain't Misbehavin.

Cadillac DeVille-R is being introduced by Spring Hill. It is a creamy white hybrid tea edged in pink. The blooms have exhibition form that do well in the hot weather. Tom Carruth is the hybridizer. Parentage is Crystalline X Lynn Anderson.

Hot Tamale is a past AOE winner

Photo courtsey of Baldo Villegas

Weeks Roses is introducing two floribundas for 1998. George Burns is yellow, red, pink and cream striped. It's ruffled flowers are large and fragrant. The compact plant has glossy, deep green foliage. Parentage is Calico X Roller Coaste.

Gracie Allen is white wth a few deep pink petals in the center of each bloom.. The flowers are apple-scented. The bush is medium-sized with deep green foliage. Parentage is Crystalline X Regensberg.

Weeks roses is also introducing a large-flowered climber. Shadow Dancer is a swirled two-tone pink hybridized by Ralph Moore. It has clean foliage and grows 6-8 feet. Parentage is Dortmund seedling X Dortmund.

This is not a complet list of all the new introductions. There are still several roses for 1998 that I have not mentioned. But with all of the new introductions, there should be a rose for everyone's garden.

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